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Chr. Muller Touw is not only involved with its customers. Contributing to the development of the employees and the community is also high on our agenda.

We also support initiatives which, in our opinion, have a positive effect on community development. As a recognised training company, work experience placements are provided at Chr. Muller Touw B.V. for students from various colleges in the area. In 2005, in cooperation with the municipality of Arnhem and the ROC Rijn IJssel, work experience placements were offered as part of the settling in process for immigrants. These initiatives did not go unnoticed. In 2005, the former Secretary of State for Education, Culture and Learning, Mark Rutte, and a delegation from the Ministry visited the head office of Chr. Muller Touw in Elst. Other examples are sponsoring local football clubs, theatre companies and artists.

Below you will find an overview of our social initiatives in the field of durability, social commitment, energy-saving investments, sponsorship, lectures, etc.


From 01-01-2022 to 31-12-2024 (for consumption above the self-generated power of our solar roof) a contract has been concluded with Vattenfall for 100% sustainable electricity with EuropeseWind. The CO2 emissions from energy are therefore zero.


This summer on the roof of Chr. Muller Touw 426 solar panels and power optimizers (good for approx. 125,000 kWh) will be installed by 100%Zonnig in collaboration with Hullenaar-Balk bv. The contract for this has been signed at the beginning of May 2020.


In February 2018, Chr. Muller Touw bv signed a contract with Nuon for 100% sustainable electricity from the Milieukeur certified product NederlandseWind (certificate number QSC-16492145). In 2018 this will lead to a reduction of CO2 emissions by at least 60% compared to 2017 with constant activities.


  • Sponsoring the ropes for the ‘Golden Horne’ Bridge designed by Da Vinci out of ice, build by a team of Dutch students from the Technical University of Eindhoven (TUE) in Juuka Finland.


  • Chr. Muller Touw becomes a member of ‘MVO Nederland’ (CSR Netherlands).
  • All employees of Chr. Muller Touw worked voluntarily Saturday the 21th of March building a labyrint on ‘Landerij de Park’ for ‘NL-doet’, the biggest Dutch volunteers-action organised by the Oranje Fonds, an endowed foundation and the largest in the area of social welfare in the Netherlands. 
  • Students of Eindhoven University of Technolgy (TUE) are building the ‘Sagrada Familia in Ice’ a large structure of pykrete ice with multiple domes and colums, in Juuka Finland. The rope is sponsored by Chr. Muller Touw.


  • Chr. Muller Touw sponsors The Free Café in Groningen with natural rope for setting up a pulley system. Serving hot and free dishes from baskets flying through the sky.
  • Chr. Muller Touw wins the 15th of April the Leader-Award. A CSR certificate. This is presented by Frits Witjes, councilor of the municipality of Overbetuwe. Other nominees were Hooiveld & Hooiveld, Omnivents/Watergoed and Atama.
  • Sponsoring from the 29th of March until the end of the year the open-air exposition ‘PARCours/PARKunst’ nearby Brussel from Maureen Bachaus, professional artist, living in Maastricht, with ropes.


  • Because everyone deserves a tomorrow, Chr. Muller Touw BV became Business Friend of KWF (Combating cancer) and thus supports scientific research  of KWF fellow Ellen van Rooijen; she examines how cancer arises.
  • Chr. Muller Touw BV sponsors the rope for the construction of Pykrete Dome, the largest ever ice dome in Juuka, Finland. The building has a diameter of 30 meters and is 10 meters high. An initiative of a group of students from the Faculty of Architecture of the TU / e. 
  • Chr. Muller Touw performed the Du-On scan following the participation in the CSR Leader Project in 2013. The sustainability profile is incorporated in the Environmental Barometer. Across 2013 the Envirometer shows (at constant economic activity) a reduction of our CO2 footprint of 12.5% compared to 2012. This indicates that measures taken are effective and that measurement has a stimulating effect. 
  • Chr. Muller Touw BV joined GroeneZaken (Green Business); an independent platform that connects sustainable and environmentally conscious businesses. 


  • Chr. Muller Touw BV received a nomination for the Sustainability Award 2012 during the VERON/OCO meeting Sustainability on October 3, 2012. This in connection with the CSR Quick Scan, which is offered to the entrepreneurs in the Overbetuwe and Lingewaard and a visit by "Het Groene Podium" (HGP) and "Platform for Creative Technology (PCT).
  • Chr. Muller Touw BV equipped its warehouses with new energy-efficient lighting and motion detectors so that the total power consumption will decrease about 10%.


  • Chr. Muller Touw BV sponsors the "Van Dam to Sudan team" during the Dam to Dam run 2011. This team, consisting of 50 runners including Waldemar Torenstra, Sophie Hilbrand, Thomas Acda, Nicolette Kluijvert, Floortje Dessing ánd Myke Muller, aims to raise as much funds as possible for CMSF, Cuey Machar Secondary School Foundation a foundation to enable secondary education has a target children in Sudan.
  • Chr. Muller Touw BV sponsors  blue and orange braided rope for "allemanseindjes" to KNMR (Royal Dutch Rescue Society) station Terschelling West for "Rescue boat day "on May 7. 
  • Chr. Muller Touw BV cooperated in 2008 in recordings for 'The Klokhuis', a TV program to show the youth how rope is made; this broadcast will be repeated on April 25 2011.


  • Chr. Muller Touw BV receives the PresikGAAF Quality mark. The Committee of Prominent employers stated on September 17, 2010 that Chr. Muller Touw BV as a social employer in question deserves this unique mark. Chr. Muller Touw BV meets all the criteria and the Commission was enthusiastic about the motivation of Chr. Muller Touw BV to give people who have a distance to the labor market a chance to work. On 15 November 2010 during "The Gelderland Entrepreneurs Cabinet' the mark was awarded in the presence of political reporter Frits Wester and in the presence of the press.


  • During Whit Sunday, Chr. Muller Touw BV supports the Atos Ropateam 2009, by providing the company truck to equip the participants of the Roparun 2009. For more information, visit
  • May 14, 2009 members of WTC Business Club Arnhem Nijmegen bring a visit to Chr. Muller Touw BV.


  • In November 2008 Chr. Muller Touw BV participates in the TV program recording 'Het Klokhuis'' to let the youth see how rope is made; broadcast will take place in autumn 2009.
  • Chr. Muller Touw BV participates in the Dutch Fisheries Exhibition in Urk, 5, 6 and June 7, 2008, state T3 in the Tonghal.
  • Chr. Muller Touw BV In-room Newspaper of the Chamber of Commerce Central Gelderland an article about International Business in India.
  • Chr. Muller Touw BV Nuon has chosen GroenGarant from January 1, 2008 to further contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Chr. Muller Touw BV has received an Nuon GroenGarant Certificate that the energy that is taken is generated sustainably.


  • In early 2007, Chr. Muller Touw made an energy-saving investment with regard to the lighting in the building, this has resulted in a saving of 30% on an annual basis with respect to the kWh consumption of the lighting and savings of 11% on the total kWh consumption.
  • Chris Muller gave a lecture at AON Amsterdam at the Dutch Centre for Trade Promotion and cooperating Chambers of Commerce concerning the practice of outsourcing production in India.
  • Chr. Muller Touw BV sponsors sisal rope for the Dutch adventure movie "De Scheepsjongens van Bontekoe" by director / producer actor and screenwriter Steven de Jong known of the Kameleon movies and Westenwind, producer Klaas de Jong, also known by the Kameleon movies and Jos van der Linden, co-producer of the box office hit movie Zwartboek by Paul Verhoeven and producer of Kicks.


  • Chr. Muller Touw B.V. sponsored the initiative by Jurriaan Bakker of Blend Magazine called 60daysofspace, a guerrilla store that is established for two months in an empty building in the city centre, and then moves on. 60daysofspace is a 3D version Blend Magazine and a shop containing creativity, renovation and exclusivity as well as a reaction to the slumbering retail industry. The hemp and sisal rope is used to fasten the presentation of the exclusive foreign and domestic branded products.
  • Chr. Muller Touw B.V. again sponsored the dance company Beeldend Dans Theater Telder. The production of ´Bluebeard´ deals with the relationships, life and death of this man and his wives. In a circle of rope ladders, the dansers and actors represent suffering, agression and despair.
  • ´Einstein and Chr.Muller Touw find each other at the right moment´, a publication in Network city district Arnhem Nijmegen about the successful cooperation between a community organisation and business.


  • As a result of the contact in November with the Secretary of State for Education, Culture and Learning (EC&L), Mark Rutte, a delegation from the Ministry of OC&L and the municipality of Arnhem, together with representatives from ROC Rijn Ijssel, visited Chr. Muller Touw bv. The theme of this working visit was Work & Language.
  • Secretary of State for Education, Culture and Learning (EC&L), Mark Rutte visited Chr. Muller Touw B.V. As a recognised training company, work experience placements are provided at Chr. Muller Touw B.V. for students from various colleges in the area. This year, a start was made in cooperation with the municipality of Arnhem and ROC Rijn IJssel with work experience placements as part of the settling in process for immigrants.
  • On 10 June Chris Muller was the speaker at the FICCI - IIFA (International Indian Film Award) Global Business Forum in Amsterdam, organised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, during the session´Commerce and Industry’: ‘doing business in India’.
  • Publication in the weekly inland shipping publication 'Weekblad Schuttevaer’ in Technical Dossier / Touw: ‘Muller produces hundreds of types of rope in the Netherlands / Joint Venture in India aims at growth market in the Far East.


Chris Muller gives a reading in Utrecht in the framework of the ABN-AMRO World Weeks Asia, about opportunities and pitfalls of doing business in India.


  • Students from the University of Tilburg carry out market research for Chris Muller Touw in India. The cities of Mumbai and New Delhi will be visited during five weeks to find an answer to the question: “Is there a market for rope in India?”

2002 and earlier

  • Presentation by Chris Muller at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam for the MKB, on doing business in India.
  • Sponsoring Rope Competition at Golf Club Welderen in Elst.
  • Sponsoring previous shows by Beeldend Dans Theater Telder, like ‘De Aardappeleters’ (The Potato Eaters), ‘De Grond van Mijn Hart’ (The Land of My Heart) and ‘Sterk Water’ (Strong Waters), the last of which was presented at the World Expo in Lisbon in 1998 and at the Oerol Festival on Terschelling in 1996.
  • Sponsoring the May 1997 project ‘Over de Vloer’ at the Ruïne van Brederode in Santpoort, “Scheerlijnen” (Guy Ropes) by I.Nordt and R.Wanders of Stichting Ruim. This foundation provides art projects on location.