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Production techniques

Within Chr. Muller Touw we make our products on the basis of a number of different techniques. These techniques are briefly explained below.

The combining of threads using counter-rotational coil bases into an 8-12-16-20-24 and 32 part cord, with or without a core, in order to create a compact, wear-resistant and strong cord. Spiral braiding also works in a similar way.

On a revolving installation 3 or 4 yarns are turned into a rope in a left or right rotation. This can be done either loosely or very thight, depending on the specific final product. 

Foundation yarns are twisted together on a revolving installation, so that they collectively have greater stability and a higher failing load.

Rolling up intermediate products on a cylinder or in a coil.

Rolling the finished product onto a reel or cross-spool.

Narrow-fabric weaving
Yarns coiled length-wise are combined with a weaving yarn on a weaving machine, creating a stable whole.