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Commitment to sustainability and social responsibility

The essence of our interaction with our wider surroundings is an awareness of our mutual connection and interdependence. We believe that dealing with this in a durable way is something that goes without saying, rather than a conscious decision.

Chr. Muller Touw is not only involved with its customers; contributing to the development of our employees and the community is also high on our agenda. By offering a good salary and good facilities at work, Chr. Muller Touw contributes to the development of the Elst area and surroundings. We also support initiatives which, in our opinion, have a positive effect on community development. As a recognised training company, work experience placements are provided at Chr. Muller Touw B.V. for students from various colleges in the area.

Chr. Muller Touw is member of Groene Zaken, an independent platform that connects sustainable and environmentally conscious businesses.

Chr. Muller Touw is partner of CSR Netherlands (MVO Nederland). CSR Netherlands is the Centre of Excellence for Dutch companies that are striving towards corporate social responsibility. Working together, the associations, companies, NGOs, research institutions, and educational, healthcare and other public authorities in our network translate CSR directly into market opportunities at three levels: the sector, the region and the chain. CSR Netherlands already reaches more than 100,000 entrepreneurs in a wide spectrum of industries, including healthcare, building and construction, textile, agriculture, facility management and clean tech.